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I attempt to take on this issue through the style I love most.......that is (i.e) FAQ style.....

Question) What is St Valentine's Day?
There is an excellent writeup about it on Wikipedia.

Question) Who likes it?
Mostly young people who like the western way of life (in which free inter-mingling of the opposite sexes is socially acceptable).

Question) Who hates it?
A few right wing nationalists oppose it bitterly. See news item.

Question) Can Muslims celebrate St V..Day?

Question) Why not?
To understand this read this answer taken from islamonline.net

Question) Is St V..... Day big business?
Read this link to understand how Valentine's is now big bucks.

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Posted by Arshad on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.

1 Responses to “All about St Valentine's Day”

  1. # Blogger feroz

    who found birthday, new year eve, mother's day, valentine's day etc? The same people who numbered 51% in U.S according to 2005 census who are couples but not married ( including lesbians, homosexuals, co habitors etc).

    Now the interesting thing is, the special days to celeberate listed by United Nations are more than 365 but they can't increase the number of days . On certain days they have more than 7 special days. There fore their life will be sacrificed only for celeberations.

    For example a person who dumps his parent at old age home to cry will celeberate mothers day, take photographs, give a bunch of flowers and say I love you mum. For a good Muslim all 365 days are mothers day. Because he does his duty according to Quran ans Sunnaah. There fore he has so many duties to (wife ,children, parents, society, God ete carry out according to Allaah's command.

    Nothing wrong in Islaam to like some one for marriage. But no love before marriage is permitted. Love only after marriage. But the western concept is that you can sleep with as many before marriage. it is considered only bodily contact. When you want to marry then you have to match your mental that is lebian, homo , cohabition or hetra sex marriage.

    All the above days they do things which are prohibited in Islaam.

    Alchahol consumption,Incur Accident and kill innocent people, wasting resouirces, leaviing Impartent duties in order to celeberate, politicians and govt executives uses this in India to receive official bribe.

    In the end poor and middle class are suffering.

    Thank you for allowing me to participate


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