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My previous posts were efforts at coming to terms with the great Vande Mataram controversy being played out in the media. VM(1) highlights the importance that Islam lays on verbal proclamations related to ones creed and belief systems and why adding partners in Divinity to Allah is unacceptable. VM(2) gives the translation of VM and it is very apparent that the song is in veneration of the Hindu Goddess Durga personified as the Indian motherland. VM (3) showed the context in which VM was composed and the opinion of experts.

Some (read Hindu nationalists and a miniscule Muslim element) insist that all Indians must be compelled to recite VM irrespective of their religious affiliation and sensitivity. Any reservations attract diatribes of being anti national. Others (read secular Hindus) want everyone to recite VM but prefer to keep it optional and do not take singing VM to be a proof of ones patriotism. There are some secular Muslims who have no problems reciting VM and some who see it as an affront to ones faith and refuse to equate it with patriotism.

The VM controversy ignited when the Federal government backed off from an earlier instruction sent to all schools and colleges to observe the 7th September 2006 as VM centenary day by ensuring compulsory singing of VM. The singing was later made optional sensing Muslim unease and the potential political cost. This sparked an outrage amongst Hindu nationalists who saw a clear cut case of cultural nationalism and minority appeasement. The states that they govern would implement the Federal government’s earlier edict and force all to sing VM on its centenary. Some Muslim bodies and leaders are threatening a boycott of the VM celebrations as the issue blows out of proportions.

The VM backers have no rationale or explanation to make it compulsory. It is only rhetoric and jingoism. Vote-bank politics and the surreptitious ploy to keep people and the media away from the real issues of poverty, unemployment and education seem to be the only pursuit of a decadent political class. Let us grant issues the merit they deserve. Let us all work towards a strong, stable and successful India but not at the cost of each others fundamental rights.

Posted by Arshad on Friday, September 01, 2006.

2 Responses to “VM Series(last): If only it were just a song”

  1. # Anonymous Abhilash

    Yes, don't know why I supported denial of other's fundemental rights for long.
    Hey BTW, even I have some fundamental rights. Let me see now...
    Actually I like the national flag upside down. It looks more cute that way.
    And I don't like currency notes with 15 different languages. I want only my language in it.
    And for god's sake, please give me a national anthem in my language.  

  2. # Blogger Veiled Soul

    Assalamalaikum...I really liked ur VM series..... posts here dat r very very informative... gud blog!.. Allah Hafiz  

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