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Some points that I wish to convey. Recently had the chance to listen to Dr Iqbal Masud Nadvi.

1) Let us do tajmim bainal momineen (join mulsims) and not tafrik bil momineen (divide Muslims)
2) avoid extremity in Deen (read this book to know about this issue)
3) When do you know that you are extreme in religion? Answer: When asal (fundamental) becomes farohi (secondary) and farohi becomes asal.
4) This Deen of Islam will definitely prevail. It is your ejaz (privilege) if you are part of the effort to make it prevail.
5) learn a lesson from the forces of batil (evil) and fight them as they fight you (united).
6) There is something called poetic language (utilizing poertic licence) in which you don't really mean what you say and something call legal terminology in which every word has an import. Islam uses the latter.

to be contd

Posted by Arshad on Sunday, January 07, 2007.

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