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This editorial appeared in the November issue of Radiance viewsweekly
Islamic Resurgence – the tide cannot be stopped!
In spite of the fact that Muslim Ummah is passing through a critical period in the present day world, there is a clear trend that Islam has become important and is playing a very important role in shaping the future of humanity. The anti-Islam propaganda has, in a way, helped people in seeking more knowledge about Islam. From the East to the West in every city and country, in every newspaper and TV programme Islam is the big question. More and more people are seeking solace in the shade of this Divine religion of peace, prosperity and salvation.

Unfortunately, by and large, the West’s attitude towards Islam is negative. It appears that it has found, after the downfall of Communism, a new opponent to fight with. Islamophobia is ever increasing: controversies are being created, deliberate provocations are being made, insults on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are being hurled and Muslims are being presented as the greatest danger to world peace and future of civilization.

Another aspect of this precarious situation is the imposition of obedient kings, obliging presidents and subservient rulers on the Muslim countries by the West. They are suppressing both democracy and Islamic yearning of their people to please their Western mentors. The West swears by human rights and democracy but promotes dictators and tyrants like Saddam Hussein to serve its interests. Take the case of Saddam: when he was no longer needed, the story of weapons of mass destruction was invented and Iraq was destroyed beyond recognition. So much so that up to now, according to recent revelations of British magazine Lancet, not less than 655,000 civilians have lost their lives there. This massacre of the innocents would put even Hitler and Stalin to shame.

Ever increasing attacks on Islam and Muslims have led some people to frustration while some are leaning towards extremist thinking. But Islam's chequered history gives no room for frustration or any extremist reaction. The Ummah has successfully weathered many storms both physical and ideological.

The year 1099 witnessed the capture of Jerusalem and massacre of Muslims, and Jews as well in the hands of Crusaders. But within hundred years, Salahuddin re-conquered Jerusalem and restored its dignity and re-established peace. Greater was the scale of widespread destruction wrought by Mongol hordes in the fist half of 13th century throughout Muslim world, which culminated in the destruction of Baghdad in 1258. It did not take long for the Ummah to regain its lost glory and the Mongols who so badly devastated Muslim lands were themselves conquered by the lofty principles of Islam. So would the Ummah withstand the present onslaughts, rediscover its ideological strength and spring back to a new vitality. Portents indicate that Islam, in spite of all negative propaganda is catching the imagination of large sections of humanity.

Our agenda should be rejuvenation of Ummah and reconstruction of humanity on the basis of divine guidance contained in the Holy Quran and Sunnah of His Last Prophet. We reject the theory of clash of civilizations and endorse the confluence of civilizations, spirit of cooperation and unity of mankind. We are friends of all and enemies of none. We support good wherever it may be and reject evil with whomsoever it may be. Let us at the end of this holy month of Ramadhan resolve to work for this holy cause. No allegation of Islamofascism would weaken our resolve and no amount of intimidation would shake the Ummah. Firm faith and utmost struggle is the key to achieving this goal for the Ummah and the entire humanity. So Allah, help us.

Posted by Arshad on Saturday, November 04, 2006.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A well thought and well worded article al hamdulillah.What a Muslim needs to do is "self improvement acc. to the Quraan & Sunnah","to assimilate with all fellow Muslims" and "sincere well wishing for all the innocent fellow humans,who have still not heard,seen and realized THE SIGNS/THE AAYAAH/THE WORD OF THEIR CREATOR.
    sister sabiha.  

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